About Lowenstein & Schwartz

If we don't collect for you, we don't collect from you.

Lowenstein & Schwartz Recovery Group does not collect upfront fees such as registration, retainer, prepayment or other costs usually associated with starting an account. The only time you will pay is when we perform for you by collecting your bills.

Our Fees:

Commercial Collections*

Primary Placements* - 25% per collection
Secondary Placements* - 30% per collection

Returned Merchandise*

15% of amount placed for collection. Debts paid prior to placement will be billed at above fees.

*See Terms and Conditions
Service Level Agreement
New Client Registration

*Terms and Conditions


Delinquent accounts that have never before been placed with a professional collection agency or
collection attorney.


Delinquent accounts that another collection agency or collection attorney has previously attempted to collect on your behalf. (We cannot accept any accounts that have been previously placed with more than one collection agency or collection attorney.) Please remember to correctly identify secondary placements when you place
your accounts.


Debts owed by another business to your business.

If a lawsuit is necessary:

We are structured to manage these types of challenges. When collection efforts fail to produce results, litigation may become necessary. We have an experienced staff of attorneys, the best in the nation. Our collection system tracks all accounts placed with attorneys and requests updates on a consistent basis. By requesting these updates, we are assured of the attorney's continued involvement in each case. This allows us to more effectively protect your interest on any suit. Once you authorize us to begin litigation, we will commence the action against the delinquent account. All litigated accounts are billed at a fee of 50% of the amount recovered plus court disbursement costs. Court disbursements are the fees charged by the process-server to serve the summons and complaint. A fee is also charged by the court to purchase an index/document number.