Debt Recovery Services

We can get you paid

Accounts Receivables

L&S will work with you to review your current process, procedures and policies to target where workflow can be modified. Our Six Sigma trained team had the expertise to identify process opportunity in existing procedure.

Attorney Services

  • Non-litigation
  • Pre-Litigation
  • Litigation

Cash Application Exception Processing

Our strategy of analyzing the process uncovers the gap and inefficiencies that negatively affect sales, cash flow, and your working capital.

Our services include:

  • Cash application/transfers/root cause
  • Payment investigation

Collection Services

L&S is the leading collection agency of delinquent commercial claims in the country. By utilizing L&S collection services, you gain knowledge of your A/R issues. A dedicated L&S associate that is trained in terminology, process and contract language of your industry will be assigned to work on your terms and behalf.

Dispute Resolution

At the core of many collections is the ability to successfully navigate and negotiate the myriad of adjectives commonplace in business. With extensive experience over many years and across multiple industries, our staff is trained and equipped to deal decisively with disputed accounts and invoice conditions.

Types of Disputes

  • Claims already paid/unapplied cash
  • Contract cancelled/Pricing
  • Taxes/PO issues/Duplicate billing
  • Returns/Address change

First Party Collections

Our 1st party collections are performed on your behalf and in the name of your company or business. To start, we will perform an upfront analysis of what is currently being done. Revised workflow maps and collections processes, as well as disputed management matrices, are developed for approved by our clients.

  • Training
  • Workflow/collections
  • Portfolio Penetrations
    • Identify Root Cause
    • Adjust Workflow
    • Adjust Frequency of Outbound Calls or Letters Series
  • Establishment of Audit Controls Points
    • Proactive Audit Controls
    • Daily Reconciliations
    • Automated Variance Alerts

Reporting and Analysis

To better understand your company's A/R processes, such as how they operate now, how you want them to operate, and how they need to be maintained, L&S can provide a wide variety of reports. These can be produced on your needs: daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

  • Productivity Reports
  • Customer Service Report
  • Aging Reports
  • Audit Reports

Root Cause Analysis

The root cause of slowing cash flow may have much less to do with collections then with other "upstream" order-to-cash processes, such as order entry, order approval sales terms, invoicing, lockbox performance, and dispute resolution.
Each of these activists is a lay part of the order-to-cash continuum.

  • Process design
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Workflow management
  • Customer relations

Workflow Management

The foundation of our workflow management is to streamline the steps involved to maximize efficiency while balancing this against achieving best in class effectiveness for the process or task. To do this you need a blend of superior customer service supported by technology resource. To this end our associates receive extensive training in our program that will provide:

  • Lower costs and fewer resources required
  • Pinpoint targeting of accounts requiring action
  • Significant boosting results
  • Automatic tools for increasing productivity and resolving accounts
  • Management reports, providing account, portfolio
  • Generate insight on wide range of issues: financial service, sales, products, & more


$25,000+Call for Quote
Litigation40-50% (additional filing fee may apply)